Working at Parafield Airport

This section provides information to people working at Parafield Airport.

Parafield Airport Induction

All workers and contractors that work at Parafield Airport in both airside and landside areas are required to undertake the Parafield Airport induction.

Inductions can be taken through Sitepass, accessed here.

To register your account with Sitepass, user guides for workers and contractors can be found below:

Register your account: Sitepass Worker Guide
Register your account: Sitepass Contractor Guide

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you with this process: click here to read.

Further information in relation to induction requirements can be obtained by contacting your airport contact / representative.

Site Rules and Conditions for Contractors

Contractors must adhere to the following Site Rules when working at Adelaide or Parafield Airports.

Parafield Airport Site Rules and Conditions

Visitor and Contractor Registration

If you are a visitor at Parafield Airport, please click here to sign in.