Future Capacity

The future capacity of Parafield Airport is not expected to alter greatly from as it is now. Current activity shows flights somewhere around 200,000 per year, however with growth of the aviation industry predicted it is reasonable to expect flying activity to continue to increase.

As a guide to where aircraft generally fly around, into and out of Parafield Airport, now and into the future, maps showing the density of over-flights from arriving, departing and circuit training aircraft are shown in the below figures.  These maps are based on the theoretical maximum total number of aircraft movements that could occur at Parafield (450,000).  Such maps are produced to assist persons considering living in and around the Airport and to advise them of the likely number of over-flights that they may expect to experience now and into the future.

Please note the flight tracks are approximate only.  Departure, arrival and circuit flight paths will vary each occassion for many reasons including but not limited to: