Waste Reduction

Working together to decrease our impact on the environment.

Parafield Airport manages waste and recycling material associated with the operation of the airport except for certain leased areas and waste from aircraft.

PAL provides services for five major waste and recycling streams across the general aviation areas and PAL offices including general waste, cardboard and paper, comingled and organics recycling. Other waste streams generated at the airport include metal, plastics, concrete and masonry, wood, asbestos, oil, tyres, e-waste, batteries (various types) and hard waste – most of which is recycled.

Waste management at Parafield Airport is driven by the fundamentals of reduction, reuse, recycle, recovery, treatment and disposal – and is underpinned by PAL’s Waste Management Strategy. The hierarchy of waste management is a nationally and internationally accepted guide for prioritising waste management practices with the objective of achieving optimal economic, social and environmental outcomes.

General Waste Management Guideline